Welcome to Reterra Corporation. Reterra or "Re-Earth" is what we are all about. We take our planets vital and finite resources and recondition them to be reused in new ways as raw materials. We resell these recycled raw materials under the "RetroSeed" product line. Retrocede is defined as to go back or return. That is exactly what we do, we take used PET plastics such as x-ray film, soda pop bottles, water bottles, or other streams of low value or contaminated PET and we return them to use. In doing this we help lower our countries demand for foreign oil and we create new jobs for America.

As of today, Reterra Corporation focuses on PET (the #1 inside of the recycle triangle). PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate (as known as polyester) is the plastic most food grade items as well as x-ray films, are made out of in the USA. We take the PET and through a Patented Process, we manufacture liquid polyols to be used as raw materials for three markets. The first is the UPR or Unsaturated Polyester Resin industry. Our RetroSeed product is used to make resins, which are used to make spas, shower stalls, bathtubs, cabs for big tractors, and many other things made with fiberglass.

The second industry is the PUR/PIR industry, or the Polyurethane / Polyisocyanurate foam insulation market. Our RetroSeed product (a polyol) is used as a raw material in making the final material, which expands and seals very well to act as excellent insulation material for homes, buildings, liquid storage tanks, airplanes or many other applications.

The third industry where we are beginning to expand is the oil industry. Our RetroSeed product may have some valuable properties for this industry. We are looking foward to explore to these new opportunities.

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