Welcome to Reterra Plastics. Reterra or "re-earth" is what we are all about. We take our planets vital and finite resources and recondition them to be reused in new ways as raw materials. We resell these recycled raw materials under the "RetroSeed" product line. Retrocede is defined as to go back or return. That is exactly what we do, we take used plastics such as soda pop bottles or water bottles and we return them to use. In doing this we help lower demand for foreign oil and we create new jobs for America.

As of today, Reterra Plastics focuses on PET or the #1 inside of the recycle triangle. PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is the plastic most food grade items are made out of in the USA. We take in whole or ground up bottles, sort them, wash them and repackage them to be resold into the plastics industry in place of virgin PET plastic.

If you sell whole bottles or ground up PET that hasn't been washed, click on our Suppliers Link. If you buy recycled, rewashed or regrind PET flakes, click on our Customers Link. If you want to contact us, click on our Contact Us Link, if you want to find out more about us, click on that link and if you are interested in becoming an Associate at Reterra Plastics click on the Personnel Link.

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