About Reterra

Reterra strives to provide top-quality resources to various industries while protecting the environment.

Our Story Box

Our story begins in the early 1980’s when our two Leaders started trying to recycle PET bottles into Unsaturated Polyester resins. Fast forward to 1999 and Reterra was born. At first trying to recycle used desilvered X-ray films into a useable raw material. Over time the X-ray films were replaced with low valve streams coming out of mechanical PET reclaimers. Today Reterra recycles many streams that would end up in landfills if the material was not chemically recycled.

99% of these streams Reterra recycles are post-consumer materials. Today this chemically recycled product ends up in many applications, some lasting over 100 years where all this carbon stays locked up and contributes to some valuable application, such as polyester polyol spray foams or unsaturated polyester resins in several places.


Reterra recently achieved the milestone of shipping the 300 millionth pound of Recycled PET (RPET) product. Additionally, the RPET product was 99% post-consumer.

Our unique polyol can be used in many products that require phthalic anhydride, isophthalic acid or terephthalic acid. Most importantly it contains a very high content of post-consumer RPET.