Your Partner in Sustainable Recycling Since 1999

Located in Houston, Texas, Reterra Corporation chemically recycles PET, polyester, and post-consumer plastic products. Our team specializes in transforming these into safe and eco-friendly raw materials.

Recyclable Plastics

We Want Your Recyclable Plastics

Do you have hard-to-recycle or low-value PET supplies and polyester products to spare? We're willing to pay for them and recycle them efficiently, no matter the quantity. Even if it's not a full truckload, we support your recycling efforts.

Environmental Stewardship

Driven by Environmental Stewardship

Reterra Corporation values circular products, materials and the reduction of our environmental footprint, no matter what your political view. We ensure minimal waste and deliver quality products. With us, you're not just recycling; you're actively contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Let’s Preserve Our Planet for Future Generations

Turn your recyclable plastics into valuable resources with Reterra Corporation. Join us in making a positive environmental impact. Contact our team to discover more about our services.